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David Abramowski's Blog You need to think of cloud computing in three different layers - infrastructure, infrastructure management & platform as a service. At the infrastructure level you have the basis for cloud computing. This is where you'll find virtual servers or services like Amazon.com EC2. A level above the infrastructure layer you find companies that provide tools to help developers deal with managing their own systems running on top of the infrastructure layer. The third layer is Platform as a Service and is where Morph plays. Groovy on Grails is catching on in the Java community and it is building steam. We have seen several positive posts about deploying Grails applications to Morph AppSpace and there is even a new plugin someone in the community created to make things even easier. (thank you for that!) Here at Morph Labs, we want to be the place to go w... (more)

Funding and Revenue = Chicken and Egg

Over the past quarter I have been investigating different types of financing that may be available for today’s technology entrepreneur.  I looked at this challenge from the perspective of a brand new software company ready with their first product and preparing to enter the marketplace.   Here is the summary of my research: You are on your own until you are earning money I’m sure that this is no surprise, but many of the entrepreneurs I meet have their hopes set on raising an Angel round to get over the start up hump. Traditionally Angel investors believed in teams of people and t... (more)

Pitch your startup in 2 minutes

You have two minutes to describe your business and your start-up dream.  You are handed a microphone. What are you going to do?  Pontificate about how much you need the money or how fast you can spend it…or tell a story that inspires people to get behind your next $100million dollar idea? Give me the microphone mister money-man!  I’ll come straight at you with my company’s offering, my passion and how we are going to change the face of small business software. I’ll talk about tapping the under-served small business marketplace, which by the way is about 27 Million companies acco... (more)

Make Customer On-Boarding Easy as Paint-by-Numbers for Cloud Services

First color all the ones with yellow.  Then move onto the twos in blue and the threes in black.  In just a few minutes you are making progress towards having all the little numbered areas filled.  You take a break, step back and are amazed at what YOU are creating..it’s a portrait of the Mona Lisa and it looks darn good. As a kid with his first paint by numbers kit, you were given all the materials you needed as well as the guidance on how to get the job done.  You didn’t have to go to five stores, go hunt down a brush, or go to an 8 hour off-site to get trained on the history o... (more)

The Cloud Services & SaaS Offering Land Grab

We are in the midst of the Cloud services & SaaS offering land grab.  As an ISV selling cloud services or SaaS offerings your objective is to get more partners selling more of your products faster than ever.  It’s up to you to ramp up new partners and make them effective right out of the gate.  So you have to figure out the best way to do this, especially in these rather chaotic times for resellers. But there is a challenge. You see, resellers and VARs have always had a wide variety of products in their “bags”.  Yet with the channel explosion of SaaS solutions and Cloud services... (more)